Painless Plaster Remover



Limisan  – In General

Limisan® is a painless plaster remover. Limisan® is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and non-traumatic removal of all types of adhesives, including plasters, tapes, dressings and patches. Limisan® comes in a spray which ensures easy application and it will work within seconds. Limisan® is proven to be very safe and does not sting or irritate. The product even contains ingredients to moisturize the sensitive skin aroud the wound! Limisan® will dry very quickly and will therefore not influence the adhesion of the next plaster. Limisan® is unique, affordable and a must have for every family! 



Why Limisan® ?


There are several reasons why Limisan has been developed:


- Removal of adhesive dressings and tapes hurts and can result in stripping away the skin;


- Limisan® avoids the pain and tears;


- Limisan® is unique in the wound care category. 


- Everybody knows that removing a plaster hurts; Limisan® receives very positive feedback from their test persons;


- As soon as you get to know Limisan®, you will directly understand the added value and will need one in your standard medical cabinet;



- Works directly and easy to apply


- Does not leave any residues – dry quickly


- Non toxic and fresh odor


- Does not influence the adhesion of the next plaster


- Moisturize the skin 



Skin facts

Skin is the largest organ for humans. Skin performs a range of different functions


•  Protecting bones, muscles and internal organs;


•  Protecting the body from outside diseases;


•  Allowing human to feel and react to heat and cold; and


•  Using blood to regulate the body heat.


The layers of mammal skin include the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. The outer layer of your skin is the epidermis, which protects for injury. When an injury extends through the epidermis into the dermis, bleeding occurs and the inflammatory response begins. This occurs more easily when having a fragile skin. Especially children and elderly people have fragile skin. Plasters act as a temporary skin when suffering from an injury. 



Limisan facts




Limisan® contains 50ml, sufficient to remove 40 normal plasters. Limisan is suitable for adults and children and is very effective and safe.


Limisan® is classified as Medical Device Class I and produced according to the highest quality standards. 




If you have questions regarding Limisan®, please feel free to contact our advice line on tel: +45 70 22 28 18 or e-mail.


Limisan® should be stored at room temperature and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. Protect from sunlight. The bottle must not be pierced or burned, this also applies when it is empty.


Limisan® is classified as medical device and are subject to quality management system in accordance with: ISO 13:485