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Kolicin Windi

Kolicin Windi


Kolicin Windi

Kolicin Windi® is a disposable catheter that can help babies to get rid of flatulence. Kolicin Windi® is designed to be safe and effective and can not harm the baby if used according to instructions. By using Kolicin Windi® you can relieve your baby’s discomfort in an easy and natural manner. The treatment takes a few minutes and the child will feel the results immediately.



How does Kolicin Windi® work?

Kolicin Windi® is a single catheter by rectal introduction, equalize the pressure that may develop in the intestinal and stomach colic in infants. Kolicin Windi® is designed so that the tip is long enough to pass the sphincter that keeps the gases back, while assuring designed to Kolicin Windi® not be inserted too far. Feces are collected in the catheter midbody.



How to use Kolicin Windi®:

  1. Always use baby oil or similar products on Kolicin Windi® to facilitate the insertion.
  2. Take your baby to the changing table and make them lie on their back. Lift the baby’s legs towards the stomach. Carefully insert the catheter into the baby’s rectum (as if you were using a thermometer). You will know that the treatment is working when you hear a “whistling” sound and the gas comes out.
  3. The treatment is complete when the “whistling” sound ends and your baby is no longer in pain. Dispose of the catheter. Never leave the catheter in the baby’s rectum after the treatment is complete. Do not repeat the treatment more than three times per day in order to prevent disrupting the baby’s natural bowel rhythm unnecessarily.


Kolicin Windi® can be used up to 3 times within 24 hours.

Kolicin Windi® should not be used for premature infants without prior agreement with your doctor.


The treatment can be combined with Kolicin Bifibaby® which treats the cause of colic - read more about Kolicin Bifibaby® HERE!



Kolicin Windi® Facts




Kolicin Windi® package contains 10 x Kolicin Windi® disposable catheters

Ingredients (INCI) : Flexible, TPE plastic that does not contain harmful substances or chemicals like BPA and PVC

CE mark





If you have questions regarding Kolicin Windi®, please feel free to contact our advice line on tel: +45 70 22 28 18 or e-mail.


Kolicin Windi® should be kept out of reach of children.


Kolicin Windi® is classified as medical device and are subject to quality management system in accordance with ISO 13:485