Kolicin Bifibaby Plus

Kolicin Bifibaby Plus

Kolicin Bifibaby Plus


Kolicin Bifibaby Plus

Treatment of dismicrobism in infants and treatment and prevention of infant colic due to intestinal dismicrobism.



Intestinal Discrobism

- In recent years research has been focusing on the role of the intestinal microflora.

- The biggest challenge in studying this medical condition: till recently there were no analytical techniques to study the anaerobic bacteria that are typically found in the intestinal bacterial flora.

- As of today, in spite of the progress made thanks to the new technologies, bacteria belonging to some microbial groups are difficult to isolate and grow. 




Microbial colonization starts on the first day of life, when the newborn baby comes in contact with the microorganisms of the maternal genito- urinary tract and the microorganisms in the breast milk or formula. The first colonizers are the facultative anaerobic bacteria, such as streptococci and enterobacteria, including E. coli, which contribute to the anaerobiosis that the anaerobic bacteria need. The microbial groups colonize the colon in a variable order, but a relatively stable microflora takes slightly more than one week to develop in babies that are born naturally or are breast-fed, or just a few more days. 



Bifidobacteria Imprinting

The Bifidobacteria are the first anaerobes that can be found in the colon of breast-fed babies: 3 days after birth they are the major microbial group, followed by Bacteroides and Lactobacillus. The oligosaccharides in the human milk favor the growth of the Bifidobacteria. In breast-fed babies, the number of bifidobacteria is 1011 cfu g-1; in adults the following stable value is reached: 109 – 1010 cfu g-1 (approx. 12% of the total intestinal bacteria).


Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus

Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus is a medical devices developed to prevent and treat gastric infant colic, reflux and related symptoms. Kolicin Bifibaby® Plusrapidly forms a mechanical barrier to gastric relux, whereby the associated symptoms relieved, for example backflow of acid from the stomach, heartburn, cough and nasopharyngitis (inflammation of the nose and throat ). Kolicin Bifibaby® also supports a quick balancing of the intestinal microbiota.




At first use: Open the bottle and pour all of the powder in the capsule into the oil. Then close the bottle with the supplied dropper and mix the product thoroghly by inverting the bottle 20 times to obtain a uniform suspension. The product is then ready to use. 

Sucsequent use: 5 drops per day, by means of the pipette is administrated in the morning for 30 consecutive days. Reapeat the treatment if necessary. Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus can also be dosed in liquid meals, cold or warm, but the temperature must not exceed 37°C.

The product is suitable for continuous and long term use.


The treatment can be combined with Kolicin Windi® to treat colic related to excess air in the stomach, and provides immediate symptom relief - Read more HERE!



Technical data 



Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus contains 9 ml dropper bottle + 300 mg powder in capsule




CAPSULE (Size 1)

Bifidobacterium breve BR03 (DSM 16604 ): 129.2 mg, corresponding to not less than 200 million viable units /dose

- Bifidobacterium breve B632 (DSM 24706 ): 129.2 mg, corresponding to not less than 200 million viable units /dose

- Maltodextrin



- Sodium alginate 50 mg

- Vegetable oil





If you have questions regarding Kolicin Bifibaby®  Plus, please feel free to contact our advice line on tel: +45 70 22 28 18 or e-mail.


Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus should be kept out of reach of children, dry and cold and not near heat sources. Protect the product from direct sunlight.


Kolicin Bifibaby® Plus is classified as medical device and are subject to quality management system in accordance with: ISO 13:485