Herpecilin Gel

Herpecilin Gel




Do you suffer from cold sores? Herpecilin® is the first product that treats open cold sores. Often a cold sore developes from being a tingling and itching feeling to become an open wound - and so far there has not been available treatments for this stage of oral herpes. Herpecilin® gel is applied to the open wound for fast relief of pain, itching collateral as well as wound healing.


Cold sores ( Herpes labialis )

It is estimated that nearly 70 % of the population have latent herpes virus. The virus is inactive in the nerve cells and is activated periodically under certain stress conditions, in which the activated virus migrates to the skin or oral mucosa. Virus generally can not penetrate directly into the cells but herpes is one of the few viruses that have a glycopretein receptor on the surface, which can attach to the cell membrane. The virus then multiplies the nucleus of the cell and a large number of virus particles released.



How does Herpecilin® work?

Herpecilin® is an osmotically active, viscous, hypertonic solution. When applied to open herpes lesions, Herpecilin® form a film to cover the lesion and attracts mechanical hypotonic solution which is found under the surface. The strong outward flow of liquid cleans the wound for all the small, contaminated features, creating an environment conducive to healing. The film also protects the wound from dryness, irritation and outsiders. The reduction of microbial contamination, cleaning the wound and supply of moisture to the lesion surface reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing process.



How to use Herpecilin®

Remove the cap on the tube and apply 3-4 drops Herpecilin® gel directly to the open cold sore, 3-4 times daily until the wound has healed. Always close the tube after use.



Tecnical data




Herpecilin® contains 6 ml gel in a plastic tube 

Ingredients (INCI): Glycerin, Mel, Aqua, Vitis vinifera seed extract, Camellia sinensis extract, sambucus nigra extract, xanthan gum




Store in the original packaging at room temperature (15-30°C) in closed packaging. Expiration date is stated on the packaging. Herpecilin® should be used within 1 month of opening the package.


If you have questions regarding Herpecilin®, please feel free to contact our advice line on tel: +45 70 22 28 18 or e-mail.


Herpecilin® is classified as medical device and are subject to quality management system in accordance with: ISO 13:485