About Unigroup ApS

We combine the power of Science - with the knowledge of the consumer



Unigroup ApS

* We Develop innovative and unique consumer healthcare/medical products. We specializes within Dermatology/Pediatrics

* We Market and distribute branded Consumer healthcare/medical products in the Nordic region


We are looking for distribution partners and have a strong pipeline of products in development
Please contact us for business opportunities: Flemming Licht, CEO, licht@unigroup.dk


We are continually looking to introduce innovative, effective and life-changing treatments with strong USP´s, to the Nordic markets – primarily 
within dermatology and pediatrics. Today we distribute and market branded products, to more than 2000 pharmacies in the Nordic region


Within our selected business areas we wish to be the preferred source of Consumer Healthcare solutions
We pledge to act responsibly in social, environmental and business contexts. By striving to be best in our business we achieve growth and increased value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.


As individuals and as an organisation we:
Have a passion for our business, Are customer driven, Are quality conscious in all we do



For interest in business cooperation please contact:


Unigroup ApS

Diplomvej 373, Scion DTU
DK-2800 Lyngby
Flemming Licht, CEO
e-mail: licht@unigroup.dk
Telephone: +45 70222818